When You Smile, The Whole World Smiles With You

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Clownin' Around

Spazzy Jazzy will make your special occasion simply SPAZZTACULAR! Entertainment options include: Hula Hoops, Ukulele Sing-Alongs, Balloon Twisting, Juggling, Wacky..

Hula Hoop Jams

Whether is it Hula Hoop Classess or hademade hoops, Jazzy will hook you up…

Handmade Hula Hoops

Spazzy Jazzy constructs Dance/Fitness/Polypro Hoops with love and a peaceful energy by hand…

Personal Training

Its not all fun and games, well wait YES it is!  Why not keep it FUN?  1 out of 2 dogs agree training with Jazzy will keep you barking for more…

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Question, comment or something on your mind?  Send us a message and we respond to you in kind!

“Life has enough serious moments. Cultivating opportunities for silliness, fun, and health is only possible if you’re willing to  not take YOURSELF so seriously! Come spend some time creating some opportunities for personal enjoyment with me today!”  – Spazzy Jazzy

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