We all could use a little space.

I write from my heart…

So. This is my first post. I admit, my heart rate has increased. Anticipation? Is it the caffeine?

It could be that I’ve decided to make myself vulnerable HERE. Write here. Right here.

I decided to create a blog for two reasons: 1. I want to share my thoughts, insights, inspirations and curiosities about hula hooping by describing the technical aspects of the activity and 2. I need to share my experiences, strength and hope that I’ve gained on this magical journey, and how the hoop has played such a consequential role in my ability to find joy and balance on that journey.  I want to make this blog a resource for ANYONE who is in a current relationship or seeking a relationship with a hoop. I intend to achieve this by writing “Lessons.” Each post will include some objective information ranging from determining your hoop size to the benefits of hooping, as well as my personal life experiences in how they relate to the hoop. You’ll get to know what I’m all about one post at a time, little by little. I’m here to tell you that there’s a lesson in every lesson. I learn something about myself every time I push that hoop around my body.

I want this blog to be a welcoming SPACE for anyone.

With that “said,” here’s my first “TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT ADVICE FOR HOOPERS #1: Make it a priority to create a sacred SPACE for you and your hoop.

Wherever you are in your hoop journey, whether you’re still in the “contemplation” stage or you’re deep and consistent in your hoop practice, it’s always good to keep in mind that the more open space that’s available to you, the more freedom you’ll have to move and play. Find a park, your front yard, your back yard, heck-your neighbor’s yard, and embrace ALL that space! There’s nothing better than having the freedom to open-up and expand your body while moving inside a hoop.

Now, if you’re like me living in a place in which you’re holed-up inside while an ice storm hangs out for several days (aka Omaha, Nebraska), we must make do with what’s available to us; I sure as heck do not find any enjoyment in twirling on icy surfaces while -0 winds brush against my face; I’ll leave that for the ice skaters.  In my home, I’m very lucky to have a small room to use as my personal space to practice hoop dance, yoga and other bodyweight strength training exercises. It’s open enough that I can use my various hoops (I have a hoops that range from 45″ to 34″ in diameter) to grapevine whilst waist hooping; the ceiling is high enough that I can practice some overhead hand spins.

There are no wall mirrors, but that’s okay. Mirrors can be helpful for hoopers who need/want a visual of their movements. In place of mirrors, I turn off all the lights in the room and plug-in a crystal magic ball light that rotates at a slow speed creating the most groovy, colorful environment.  If I stand in front of this ball, there’s my shadow! Tangent alert: watch this Lindsey Stirling video to see how amazing dancing with your shadow can be:


Friends, I have cleared a physical environment of clutter. By doing this, I allow myself the opportunity to de-clutter the space in my head.

That, for me, is creating a sacred space.

I hoop because I need to be in that space. I hoop because I need a good old fashioned “centering” session. I hoop because there’s a longing for something that feels spiritually real and true. I hoop because I need to regain my Serenity.

Moreover, I hoop for so many more reasons that are NOT so existentially driven, i.e. FUN FOR MY HEART!  I’ll save those for another post. 🙂

I insist that if you’re reading this, and you have a comment, question and/or concern, PLEASE reach out to me! I strive to keep the most open of minds, so please share your knowledge, experience(s), hopes, etc. with me! We grow when we share. 🙂

Last, but not really: Jasmine’s Hoop Dance Song Suggestion for the Day: “Sara” performed by Fleetwood Mac.

May your day be filled with joy!

Love, Jasmine






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