A Spazzy Jazzy Warm-Up Routine!

Howdy, Dear Friends! Wowzahs- what times we’re in! Now, I know I don’t need to ramble on about COVID-19 and what it’s created for our situations. Yep, (what seems to be) everything is uncertain. I’m feeling the anxieties, too, Friends. Sometimes, (I’m not going to lie) it seems so much easier to just succumb to the isolation and feel sorry for myself. HOWEVER, that’s when I pinch my nose and say,”Wake up, you Clown! This ain’t no time for some lame pity-party! Get up and MOVE!” So, I made a video! I developed this warm-up routine a few years ago after I became a certified personal trainer, and I’ve stuck with it because I LOVE IT! I ALWAYS feel so much better after I do it, and I’m definitely prepared to conquer whatever mode of exercise I aim to do. I’ve gotta say, PLEASE listen to your body, Friends! If you’re experiencing pain, STOP! Drink lots of water, stretch and eat your rainbow (protein, grains, fruits, veggies, calcium)! I hope this video helps you as much as it has helped me!

Please click here to view my Warm-Up Routine!

I love you, Spazzy Jazzy ;0)


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