The Hula Hoop- A Toy, A Tool

Here’s some food for thought-though the “hula hoop” surged in popularity in the 1950s in countries like Australia and the United States, the utilization of this magnificent circle dates back to 500 BCE. Children and adults of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Native American lands used the hoop for play, as well as exercise. WOWZAHS! Nothing has changed except hoops today are not only made out of bamboo, rattan, willow, stiff grasses, but durable plastics, metal and environmentally-friendly, sustainable wood.

Play. Exercise. Depending on one’s interpretation, these words can be synonymous. Friends, I’m here to say that exercise doesn’t have to be torture and play doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all definition. What the hula hoop offers is VARIETY, as well as the opportunity to create sacred space for oneself. Hula hooping is a personal experience that can be shared amongst a group of people, enhancing socialization and creating community. When we hoop, sure, we burn calories and tone our bodies. Yet, we also learn not to take ourselves so gersh dern seriously! Hooping is a skill that some master quickly, some slowly. However, children and adults alike encourage one another to try again.

A toy. A tool. Depending on one’s interpretation, these words can be synonymous. The hula hoop is a toy and a tool for creating joy, love and community. It is, absotootly, the healthy choice.

Need a hula hoop tutorial? I’ve got you covered! Please click here to check out my YouTube video and leave feedback! I surely appreciate it!

***If you need a proper sized hoop, I can help! Please check out the Hula Hoops section on this website and Contact me to order your custom-made hoop today!***


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