Salutations, Friends!

Thanks a BAZILLION for taking a wee bit of time to browse this website! As you can see from the Menu, I provide a variety of services to help you begin on a journey that’s paved with Joyful Excitement, Healthy Fun, and Love. Whether you need a silly, high-energy clown to entertain the kiddos at your next special event, a playmate who will support your efforts to feel Just Jazzy, or a fresh, handmade hoopaloop (hula hoop), I’m ready and set to assist YOU!

“Now here’s a little bit about me and my alter ego replace “Spazzy Jazzy” with “Just Jazzy” (formerly known as “Spazzy Jazzy”).

Now, here’s a little bit about me and my alter ego, “Just Jazzy”:

Underneath Hat # 1

Born August 1, 2018 in Omaha, NE, “Just Jazzy” is a silly willy Clown who LOVES to hula hoop, play the ukulele, have Super Fast Dance Parties (1 minute dance breaks), juggle and twist a variety of Jazztacular balloon creations with friends and for friends! However, more than anything else in all the galaxies in the universe she LOVES to bring Joy, Humor, FUN and Positivity to the lives of everyone she meets! She is a member of the local clown alley, Omaha’s Wild Clown-dum (C.O.A.I Alley 147); she is an Insured member of Clowns of America International.

Just Jazzy the Clown, Photo by Tom Plith
Jasmine Eggert, Photo by Michael Eggert

Underneath Hat # 2

Jasmine Eggert is a silly willy “Earthling Human” who juggles LOTS of other hats, including: Certified Hoop Dance Instructor, hoop maker, wife, dog mom, pre-school fitness coach and master joke teller.

“Life has enough serious moments. Cultivating opportunities for silliness, fun, and health is only possible if you’re willing to  not take YOURSELF so seriously! Come spend some time creating some opportunities for personal enjoyment with me today!”  –  Just Jazzy

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