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My BEST Client Match

Though my credentials allow me to train a person at the peak of physical fitness, my most successful client relationships were with people who have tried and failed. Or perhaps they had physical *barriers that impeded previous attempts at fitness. Please don't let these concerns keep you from being your best self. My physical fitness allows this clown to have the energy and stamina to have the MOST fun! I want the same for you.

My training programs are geared toward those who are looking to regain their STABILITY, MOBILITY, and overall STRENGTH and ENDURANCE. We accomplish this primarily through Bodyweight Training. After all, your BODY is the only "equipment" you need to workout...UNLESS YOU'RE HOOPIN', OF COURSE! ūüôā

Training Philosophy

I am a proponent of applying the concept of Kaizen to the manner in how we choose to live, as well as how we choose to exercise.  This Japanese principle, meaning, "slow, continuous improvement," teaches us the value of patience, determination and accountability when we decide to make health and wellness priorities in our lives.  I believe the activity of exercise is more important than shedding weight to fit into the perfect holiday outfit or overloading our muscles to sculpt the "ideal" figure.  Exercise provides us the opportunity to listen and focus our awareness on what our bodies tell us.  The rewards we attain over time go beyond enhancing strength, flexibility and cardiovascular efficiency; we grow to embrace the warrior that lives in all of us, as well as afforded the opportunity to utilize our inner-power to enhance our quality of life.

CERTIFICATIONS: American Council on Exercise, Certified Personal Trainer; SaFire Hoop Dance, Certified Hoop Dance Instructor; American Heart Association, CPR, AED and Basic First Aid.

 Training Services

One-on-One Or Partner Training: This training provides the client(s) with a health and wellness program tailored specifically to track PROGRESS and reach GOALS! You choose your "gym:" do you want to play outdoors?  Would you rather play in the comfort of your own home?  No problem, I'll come to YOU!

Training Fees

$25/1-60 min. session; $20/12-60 min. session; $15/24-60 min. session. CONTACT ME FOR A FREE CONSULTATION!

*It is out of my scope of practice to DIAGNOSE, PRESCRIBE (diets/supplements), TREAT (injury/disease), MONITOR MEDICAL PROGRAMS, COUNSEL and/or REHABILITATE clients..

Howdy, Dear Friends! Wowzahs- what times we’re in! Now, I know I don’t need to ramble on about COVID-19 and what it’s created for our situations. Yep, (what seems to be) everything is uncertain. I’m feeling the anxieties, too, Friends. Sometimes, (I’m not going to lie) it seems so much easier to just succumb to the isolation and feel sorry for myself. HOWEVER, that’s when I pinch my nose and say,”Wake up, you Clown! This ain’t no time for some lame pity-party! Get up and MOVE!” So, I made a video! I developed this warm-up routine a few years ago


“Life has enough serious moments. Cultivating opportunities for silliness, fun, and health is only possible if you’re willing to¬† not take YOURSELF so seriously! Come spend some time creating some opportunities for personal enjoyment with me today!”¬† – Spazzy Jazzy

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